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Concrete done right.../ Increases Project Profits Reduces Repair Costs Ensures Confident Homeownership Guarantees Solid Buildings

Welcome to Concrete

Concrete frames our world. Concrete is the globes most prominate building material. It builds our homes, condos, offices, warehouses, bridges, sidewalks, hospitals, industrial sites and now it's decorative.

However, a concerningly fractured and incomplete understanding, knowledge and skill base of concrete is fast tracking unsafe building practices and resulting in extensive mitigation and project repair costs. This adds to schedules, increases costs, and poor concrete pours directly affect other trades ability to build.

NEW! CNT bridges the concrete gap from planning, to spec writing, to pour, to quality control. CNT covers all the 'moving' parts of concrete to positively affect large and small project outcomes.

Save significant time and money! Do concrete right the first time!

Call Us today and do concrete right the first time.

Who we work with

CNT works with Developers to increase profits, by reducing repair and mitigation costs and positively affecting build efficiency and trade schedules. How? Do concrete right the first time.

CNT works with Home Owners to provide technical support and quality inspections instilling confidence that the most important building material on the property is done right.

CNT provides Employers with a 'New Generation' concrete employee. CNT works with proven and tested sources to access and more importantly vet new workers for the trade.

GAME CHANGER! CNT provides newcomers to the Concrete trade with a current, practical, hands-on Training and Mentorship program in forming, rebar, concrete placing and concrete finishing.
The Program keeps workers on the job during training. Earn while you learn.


CNT designs services to address the scope of the projects needs. No two projects are the same. Flexibility is key to filling the concrete gap for all projects, small and large.


Building planning is crucial. Concrete affects a projects designs, its construction schedule, as well as construction and finishing trades building capabilities. CNT saves time and money, by doing concrete right.

Concrete Trade

All the planning and spefications are useless if all that is considered is a lowest priced concrete crew. CNT partners with Concrete Canada, Forming, Placing, Finishing, and Repair Association to find the right fit.


Devil is in the detail. Be specific and complete on concretes scope and responsibilities. CNT works directly with Owners, Architects, Engineers, Designers, General Contractors, Spec. Writers and Governmetn to get it right!


CNT works with stakeholder groups, government, and associations to provide 'concrete' information. Call and set up and program sessions for professionals or individuals working outside the trade.


CNT provides full training for forming, rebar and well as concrete placing, finishing and repair. Commericial and residential. Practical, relevant hands on training, delivered on the job. Earn while you learn.


Looking for a 'New Generation: workforce to address retirment, succession, or company growth. CNT directly accesses, vets, and trains a 'New Generation'. Our program charges are interactive, saving you money.


CNT works with numerous stakeholder groups, from employers, to school districts, to industry stakeholders.


The Concrete Trade Canada Team is comprised of a cross section of working professionals, who have joined together to ensure clients and new comers to the trade are provided with 21st century, relevant, practical knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Diana Klingner


Melynda Seminuk

Program Manager

Adam House


Silver Springs

Forming → Finishing

Matthew Tsang


Julie Jardine



Developers: Save money and time. Do concrete right.

Homeowners: Confidence in the most important building material on your property.

Employers: Access a 'New Generation' trade. We vet them → then you vet them. FREE of Charge.

New Workers: Earn while you learn. NEW! Module training program, keeps you on the job, while learning.

🗹 Concrete Done Right


  • Home Project • Assesments
  • Rebar/Forming • Inspections
  • Concrete • Quality control
  • Design • Guide
  • Trade • Vetting
  • Templates • Verify Concrete Pricing
🗹 Save $ Increase Profits


  • Project Scope • Review / Harmonize
  • Architects • Concrete Guide - dos & donts
  • Specification • Develop / Define
  • Trade • Vet / Evaluate
  • Establish • Concrete Quote
  • Concrete Pour • Coordination / Management
🗹 New Gen Workforce


  • New Workforce • Attract / Vet
  • Existing Labour Force • Evaluate
  • Training • Full Crew - Forming To finishing
  • Training • Individuals / New Workers
  • PartnershipConcrete Canada Assoc.
  • Contracts & Specs • Become Savy


Call and let's discuss the project. We help get 'concrete' right.