About Us

Concrete Canada is the first of it's kind National Association represenating the concrete trades.

Mission: To address issues, inform stakeholders, and develop the concrete trades in Canada

Concrete is literally the foundation of construction, so doing it right is vital. Look around our everyday world to see the impact concrete has.

Concrete Canada brings the first of it's kind representation for the Concrete Trades to Canada.

Concrete consists of 5 trades. The WET concrete finishing trades represents forming, rebar, placing, and finishing. The DRY concrete finishing trades represent repair/masonry.

Those in the trade enjoy joining an enviable group of tradespeople that are able to say 'I did that' where 'that' is still round in 50 years. Concrete builds our world.

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Whether a company or tradesperson? Get involved and shape the future of the Concrete Trade in Canada.


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Join us, because we are 'on the tools' representation addressing 'real world' issues facing the concrete trades.
Our goal is to provide solutions to identified issues.


Membership provides access to training, practical solutions, networking, and partnership benefits.

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